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April 4, 2020

Buy our educational resources or choose a beautiful gift from our catalog.

Or check out our Dawn Chorus etsy and ebay shops. Every item sold supports our vital charitable work. Help us to create educational opportunities in communities, improve wellbeing, create positive changes to the environment and to promote and deliver animal welfare.

We sell bespoke Dawn Chorus craft items including hand-made tools for craft workers, made from sustainable wood in Sherwood Forest; irresistible gifts; baby-shower and bridesmaid tokens and embroidered simples with Nottingham lace detail. Our popular runic casting bowls are made of hand turned wood, by a community group of mental health service users.

In addition, we provide community educational services, resources and publications, native and heritage plants, antiques and ceramics by arrangement.

Below: hand made bird and wildlife themed children’s hair grips, by Simply Inspired hand-made clips. Each wildlife & pretty bird themed non-slip clip is individual, just for the little princess in your life. Or you may like our range of bespoke Dawn Chorus jewelry, from our popular designer and supporter at Spectral Creations.



As our communities see the vital importance of our work, we continue to see a steady rise in the number of people supporting us. If you want to support our work, please check out our online shops & look out for our stalls at cultural events.

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