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April 1, 2020


Above: mental health service users enjoying pond dipping in a Dawn Chorus facilitated event. Our biodiversity activities include a strong commitment to “social prescribing”.

Dawn Chorus has good pond management experience & members have offered advice to landowners interested in conservation. This is vital because, in the twentieth century the UK countryside has lost half of its ponds.  Pond Conservation estimate that of the remaining ponds, 80% are in poor state. Agri-pollution has played a huge part in damaging these ponds & the associated wildlife. Pond dipping makes a great community activity, led by a responsible conservationist, and helps us to realise just how important ponds are. Your could consult your Local Biodiversity Action Group website and look at the Habitat Action Plan for ponds in your area.


Above: a Lincolnshire lake. Below: a Nottinghamshire pond.

Dawn Chorus has recorded the historical and cultural heritage value of ponds, and lakes to our local communities in areas such as Dark Lane in Calverton.

We set up a virtual learning community event during lockdown for individuals and wildlife community groups, promoting awareness of the dangers of moving spawn, frogs or plants from a natural pond or between garden ponds. Transmission of pest plants and diseases can follow. It is better to create in your garden or field corner, lush hiding places as frogs don’t actually live in ponds but will visit supportive habitats on your site. DO NOT move frogspawn or tadpoles from pond to pond or site to site, it can transfer & spread a virus around the country that kills frogs. The deadly frog disease is spreading across Britain with 80% of frogs killed in some areas. People taking spawn from ponds to new places are spreading it. Frogs can develop skin ulcers, sores and can bleed and die due to the devastating ranavirus.


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