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Tack Room Talk

March 11, 2020

We are very concerned with the state of the hooves of many of the donkeys & horses that we see. Donkey hooves need regular attention from a good farrier to prevent them from becoming over grown. Horse hooves can become brittle, flake and split or get sand cracks. Protective boot technology has improved greatly and bare foot husbandry is becoming popular with the emphasis on hooves being kept in a healthy, natural condition by the farrier and groom.

Good equestrians know that the whip should be used as a third leg to reinforce this aid, only ever extending the squeeze applied. If this cannot be achieved, the whip or crop should be abandoned. The use of leg itself, to build energy through contact and utilize it by squeeze or release, is frequently misunderstood. No horse should ever be kicked…this has no part of riding.

Recent research, by a Norwegian University, into dynamic laryngeal collapse, shows that bits can restrict airways in prone horses. Bitless bridles do not appear to be disposed to causing these issues. Bitless bridles are becoming popular with many riders for reasons of compassion. Internationally acclaimed competitive dressage riders, in some categories (where rules allow) are training and riding without bridles but using neck bands. The bitless range of bridles has improved. A wide selection of leather free tack is now available including a wide choice of brightly coloured webbing. The importance of a broad comfortable nose band should always be remembered; a narrow noseband is torture for a horse.

Dawn Chorus Educational Initiative CIC, has produced an information sheet on ragwort, in partnership with Juno Enterprise Charitable Association. On our pinterest site, as part of our volunteer programme, are equine resources.IMGP8014

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