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Promoting learning and well-being in our community

July 25, 2017

We have created accessible community opportunities for people to improve skills, build awareness & gain independence for positive change. Anti bullying, challenging racism and building resilience continue as strong themes in our work. We have hugely expanded our learning resources on wide ranging topics from crotchet to pollinators.

Our outdoor activities offer physical exercise and self awareness; they explore control and reflection and are of particular use for mental health service users and participants suffering from stress and low self esteem. We have held discussions with members of our community with Alzheimer’s or caring for those with the condition & local orchard owners, to open up orchards to benefit this group of people. Our environmental projects empower people in a stimulating natural environment and build community cohesion. We use “nature nurture” wellbeing tools to develop holistic learning skills. Natural music, natural art, natural weaving and plant dies can be explored. Nature observation and empathy offers transformational learning and insight into re use, creative application, craft skills and practical solutions planning and executive function skills.

our activities provide a safe space & we encourage self compassion during participation. We believe that self compassion is a more positive motivator than self criticism because it replaces fear with love. When people are gentle with themselves, they are in a good position to reach out & empathise with others & with nature.

Sketching wild flowers and flora ID encourages calm observation of detail and difference. Fauna ID encourages compassion and empathy for the natural world. Participants develop basic skills, use simple tool and develop pride in and understanding of their own achievements; they can develop spatial awareness, motor skills and understanding of the value of landscapes. Children are included and encouraged to use all of the senses to make natural observations, experiment with natural materials and explore habitats. Earth stories and natural measuring, understanding horizons and perspective are popular activities. We received positive feedback on our partnership work from Woodborough preschool committee.


We continue to work on a range of key adoption initiatives; supporting charities and peer groups for families with adopted children within the domestic and international adoption communities. We are working in partnership to develop a training unit on trans racial adoption. We have cooperated with a small group to lobby Central Government to expand the number of adopted children covered by the Virtual schools and virtual heads to make the service more diverse and inclusive. We have extended our resource on attachment parenting and PACE parenting (playfulness, acceptance, curiosity and empathy) creating information tools that encourage positive family relationships. We are promoting awareness of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

Our cultural learning interventions can have a positive social impact and increase attainment and self esteem in hard to reach learners.

A PowerPoint has been produced, as a teaching tool, on belief-systems and equality.

We were given the nice forest craft snowman (below) as a “thank you” for helping with a winter woodland celebration at Little Adventurers Forest School. Activities included burning a camp fire yule wishing log and making evergreen woodland garlands.




Our Kozy-Kitchen healthy eating project project is still in demand after 20 years. We have expanded our resources on sugar free diet & recipes; plant based dietary magnesium; B12, vegan life and orchard fruits. Our “Natures plant larder” project remains in popular demand. It covers basic skills and specific skills, such as identification, food preparation, cooking, reading recipes accurately, measuring ingredients, understanding healthy eating and wellbeing, memory and maintaining and celebrating cultural heritage. Children & families love our “bring it home” projects.


Great things happen in the Dawn Chorus organic trials garden, including growing  heritage vegetables from seed. These are delivered to preschool children’s educational gardens, mental health iniatives & other community organisations and supporters.

Our wellbeing work has been showcased widely.  We were delighted that One East Midlands chose Dawn Chorus as the subject for a Case Study and target for promotion. The Case Study can be viewed on the One East Midlands website. Bricks and Bread, the sustainable hub project based in London, has chosen Dawn Chorus as “hub member of the day”  “in recognition of (our) hard work and support”, we feature on the “bread line” website. 

we help with shelter building and story-telling activities for preschool children, including: brewing up hot chocolate, hammering with wooden mallets, tying ropes, telling stories, practicing communication & teamwork skills & getting lots of fresh air. We have provided all weather clothing to preschool groups and outdoor equipment.

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