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Nature Mandalas

October 13, 2013

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle. Mandalas often have radiating patterns and can be found in nature; a good example is tree rings. Our stress-busting nature mandala events allow everyone to join in with this creative yet tranquil activity.

Children learn about hands-on practical skills, fractions, repeating patterns, measuring, diameter, radius, circumference, symmetry, colour, contrast, texture, balance, placement, mindfulness, value and appreciation, vocabulary and more.

Working with nature, we find two types of natural mandalas. Items in nature: flowers, shells and the center of fruits and vegetables, rosettes of succulent plants, fossils can all form natural mandalas. We can also make mandalas with found natural objects: leaves, flowers, stones, seeds and twigs, acorns, all make super mandalas. Working with and placing these elements is satisfying and promote relaxation, reducing our anxiety.



The patterns can be simple or complex. We use natural materials or, as part of our healthy eating projects, plant-based food items. Would you like to join us to make huge mandalas with piles of apples as part of our orchard projects?


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