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Animal Rescue & Welfare

May 30, 2012

Woodpecker rescue

This Green Woodpecker was a recent Dawn Chorus rescue, it was cared for after being hit by a car. We are pleased to report that after being checked out by the Cedars Animal Sanctuary by Wendy & Phil, the Green Woodpecker has recovered well and has been released in the Burton Dumbles area.  Wendy said: “it has done well, woodpeckers usually get so stressed”. Our volunteer, Andrew said “When I released it, it knew where it was, it seemed pleased to be home, it fly in a great arc around the meadow & up into the top of the trees where it sat calling.”


During the snowy weather, lots of people ask us for advice on feeding garden birds, including many parents seeking to get children interested; it is important to feed & put out water for birds. In the spring people seek advice on baby birds who have fallen from nests. At Dawn Chorus we only hand rear birds, such as the nestling below, as a last resource, mother birds knows best how to look after chicks.

IMGP2828 IMGP3586

In May 2015, Dawn Chorus volunteers scooped up young great tit fledglings, who had become soaked in the storm and were stranded in a puddle in the dark . Overnight the young birds were dried out & released next morning. Check out our Facebook page for more news like this and to get tips on caring for wildlife, like this wood-pigeon who needed attention. We have specific expertise in rodentology & have completed training in the care of rodents teeth. Do you like this cheeky wee fellow below?


We are seeing lots of support and demand for our wildlife and animal welfare work. We work through direct intervention and by raising awareness of good practice and animal welfare issues through contact with communities, children and family activities, support for volunteers and businesses, information networking and digital inclusion. The welfare of farm animals is of great concern and we offer educational advice and activities, on compassionate & plant based healthy eating.





The beautiful picture of the much-loved pony, below, was sent to us by our supporter Niki Senior from Norfolk, who runs an animal welfare programme.

578495_516145848478475_1839512765_n IMGP3574

Above, rescued, re-homed and good companions. Look out for volunteers on the leaflet stalls in your community. Shawn one of our supporters, after seeing our hedgehog house building & hibernation resource, sent us the picture below, that she took, saying: “Love your dawn chorus logo. Fancy doing a hedgehog workshop here in Norfolk?” We are updating forty learning resource packs, including our hedgehog pack; they will be available soon.



Above: One of our over wintering hedgehogs at Dawn Chorus.

In July 2016 our volunteers installed a new observation and recovery pen, it is occupied at the moment by a friendly young wood pigeon who was picked up after a RTA


Below: our Calverton cat project has two work strands, the care of large numbers of homeless cats and a safe antifreeze campaign following the death of 22 cats from antifreeze poisoning in Calverton.


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