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Views Of Ethiopia

May 30, 2012

Three views of Ethiopia

Dawn Chorus fosters international co-operation to raise awareness & understanding across national boundaries. The aim is to benefit human, animal & environmental well-being, share best practice, grow compassion & celebrate culture. Three examples are given below:

Human: In May 2014 we produced a report on the 1966 symposium on the “Integration of Rehabilitation in Africa” held in Ethiopia & the subsequent orthopedic support that was established. The report was catalyzed when a friend and supporter Mr. M. Hodkinson loaned us his archive comprising documents and wonderful glass photographic slides taken by his father in Ethiopia. Our report, which was submitted to the Anglo Ethiopian Society, feeds into our International Cooperation Programme, using the headings of heritage, culture, learning and well being. We wish to extend our thanks to Mr. Hodkinson.

Animal: These photographs were taken by Dawn Chorus volunteers and friends. The little “aheyawoch” (donkeys) above, clearly show wounds on the flanks.

Environment: Below, a street scene in Addis shows an area where the local community, including one of our supporters, Tsebay,  is campaigning for improvement.


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